Job search, finding and starting work

Your tailored employment pathway plan blends the support, training and practical skills you need to help you find a job.

Our services include:

  • Career planning: We help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to manage your own career
  • Promoting your skills to employers: We promote you to suitable employers in your area
  • WISE skills enhancement programs: Our initial meetings could show that you need to improve your skills in searching and applying for jobs, goal setting, writing resumes and cover letters, cold canvassing or approaching organisations for work even though they have not advertised a job. We can also help you brush-up on your interview skills.
  • Skills assessment: We assess your work readiness including your work and education experience and any barriers that might be stopping you from getting and keeping work. We can then identify how to overcome those barriers.
  • Work experience: We can organise activities and work experience to increase your skills and improve your employability. Work experience includes group and individual activities, as well as volunteer work. These placements help lead you to finding and keeping employment
  • Job seeker support services: We can help you navigate the different government-funded options available to you including apprenticeships.
  • Equipment and clothing: We can help you with some essential items you might need in your new role
  • Counselling: We have our own in-house counsellors who deliver one-on-one counselling to jobseekers and potential employers to overcome barriers to employment or returning to work.

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Registered job seekers can use the computers and internet at all WISE offices to access the Job Search Australia data base displaying thousands of jobs all over Australia.

Once you find work, we help you to move into the workplace. Our staff can help with:

  • negotiations about workplace issues, including your occupational health and safety
  • training advice for employees, employers and other staff
  • employment contracts and agreements
  • workplace modification and installation of specialist equipment to help you do your job
  • clothing and equipment.

Benefits of working
Being employed in ongoing, satisfying and suitable work helps you to:

  • improve your financial situation
  • learn new skills
  • save for a car or a house
  • support your family
  • save for retirement
  • meet new people and make new friends
  • make positive contributions to your community.

We look forward to helping you find meaningful work and build your future.

Register your interest as a job seeker

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