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We are here to support your journey toward the bright new future that a secure working life brings.

We know that working is good for your health, and contributes to your happiness, confidence and financial security. But we also know that finding and keeping a job on your own can be hard. Our job is to smooth the path.

We understand that you are an individual and every person requires a unique employment approach. We get to know you, listen to your aspirations and bring your potential to life.

We are one of Australia’s largest employment services providers and offer a comprehensive range of employment services. We are also flexible, and tailor our services to give you the very best start in the right job for you. Our range of services include:

Other programs and services including Occupational Rehabilitation and Work Assist, a program helping employees stay in work.

From our capital cities to the regions in between, we have passionate staff in our vast network of offices, ready to help you find and keep a great job.

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Helping you to find a job: who we help into employment

We live in a diverse community made up of all sorts of people with different skills, abilities and circumstances. So at WISE Employment, we can customise a wide range of job seeker programs and services to make them the right fit for you.

We can help you find work under the Australian Government’s jobactive and Disability Employment Services programs. We have a raft of services for job seekers who are on Centrelink benefits and:

  • are having difficulty finding work due to disability or illness, including mental illness (including anxiety, bipolar, depression)
  • have been unemployed for a short time or a long time
  • have been retrenched or made redundant
  • are considering returning to work after caring for family
  • are mature age (age 50+)
  • are young
  • are Indigenous Australians, asylum seekers or refugees

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How we help you find work

Once you register with Centrelink and as a WISE job seeker, our local professional staff will create an employment plan just for you. It could include a mix of job support services, training, work experience or language and literacy support, which will help you land that job.

Right from the get-go, we find out what you are good at and what you like doing. Maybe you just need help writing a resume, nailing an interview or digging deep for confidence.

We can also promote you to local businesses that have been searching for someone exactly like you. We also have access to government-funded support and subsidies that can help you compete for that role.  Whatever it takes, we want to help you experience the joy of working as soon as possible.

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Whatever your employment needs are, we can help

Under the jobactive service, we work side by side with you to help you find the kind of job, training, support services and work experience you’re after. We know that when jobs and people are well matched, they stay together longer.

Our Disability Employment Services (DES) job seekers might need extra employment support. We have clients whose lives have been impacted by injury, physical or mental illness, or another disability. We know these clients often need a helping hand to find the independence that comes with a rewarding job. Find out more about how our disability recruitment services work.

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