Indigenous Employment

Do you know someone in your community looking for work? WISE Employment offers specialist support to help Indigenous job seekers in a range of ways, whatever the circumstances.

Since 1992, WISE Employment has been committed to the community by empowering Indigenous people to find work and related support services.

We provide:

  • One-on-one and group consultants
  • Career guidance
  • Assistance with CV and interview preparation
  • Negotiation with employers
  • On the job and ongoing support
  • Referral to relevant cultural support services
  • Training for eligible job seekers
  • A cost-free service

As a not-for-profit organisation we:

  • Have Aboriginal community and employer partnerships
  • Employ Aboriginal staff
  • Participate in significant Aboriginal cultural events
  • Work alongside Aboriginal service providers
  • Procure the services of Indigenous suppliers
  • Invest in Aboriginal community activities and programs
  • Acknowledge traditional custodians of the land and pay our respect to elders past and present

For more information, contact your local WISE Employment Office.



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