We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients.

We do this so we can:

  1. Get to know you and make you feel comfortable
  2. Help find the job that you will excel at and love
  3. Coach you to deliver your best throughout your experience – even on the job.


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Step 1: We get to know you over a chat

If you’re eligible for our free Disability Employment Services, you’ll be assigned a WISE employment consultant near you who will give you a call, text, or email (whatever you prefer!). They’ll identify your career goals, skills, strengths and understand what you’re looking for in a job.

We then plan the best way of finding, getting and keeping a job – one that suits your needs, education, or health. Find out why you should pick WISE, and what happens once you’ve signed up to WISE.

Step 2: We’ll arrange a time to meet with you

Next, you meet with your WISE employment consultant who will talk through your employment opportunities. Think of your consultant as your personal employment coach – helping and encouraging you every step of the way of your journey.

This is when you can ask as many questions as you need to understand, and we can provide anything you would like more information on.

Register as a WISE job seeker

Step 3: Get tips and support to plan for getting the job you want

We provide you with tips and techniques for resume and cover letter writing, and advice on how to interview well in order to get a job.

Whether it is organising interview clothes, practising mock interviews to build your confidence for the real thing, making sure you have transport to and from interviews, or providing moral support — we go the extra mile to help you feel comfortable and prepared.

At the same time, WISE will begin speaking to employers on your behalf. We’ll start introducing you to employers that have roles that are perfect for your skills and interests.

Step 4: You’ve got the job!

Congratulations! You’ve landed a new job. Now it’s time to start your employment journey. By now, you usually know your WISE Employment Consultant well – so ask them how they can help you navigate your first day and week in the office.

Find the perfect job for you

Step 5: We want you to be happy

After you’ve started work we’ll continue to stay in touch with you and your employer. We’ll provide ongoing support to ensure that you are happy and the job is going well. We can also organise extra training, workplace modifications, and special equipment to help you perform your job to the best of your ability. Don’t worry, we’re always there for you.

Need an extra hand?

If you’d like additional skills training, help with language and literacy, work experience or access to other employment programs and services we can arrange support. Our dedicated staff can promote you to local businesses that may create a job for you or are looking to employ someone with your skills.

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First off, check your eligibility for free support through the Disability Employment Scheme.


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Step 2: Confirm details

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