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It seems you may not be eligible for the GradWISE program.

WISE Employment offers other employment programs that could help you into work:

Disability Employment Services

If you have a disability/injury/illness, please register your interest as a WISE job seeker online, free-call 1800 685 105 during business hours, or get in touch directly with your local WISE office to discuss your eligibility for government-funded employment services. Find all WISE offices here.

We offer Disability Employment Services (DES) in New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, Northern Territory and Victoria.


If you do not have a disability/injury/illness, we may be able to assist you under the jobactive employment program.

If you are already registered with Centrelink, but you’re not yet registered with an employment services provider, you can ask Centrelink to direct you to WISE Employment as your first choice jobactive employment services provider. If you’re not yet registered with Centrelink, please register with them first. You can then ask Centrelink to be referred to WISE Employment. Once Centrelink has referred you to WISE Employment, please register as a WISE job seeker in person at .

WISE Employment offers the jobactive employment program in New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Victoria.

General information

If we don’t have an office in your state or territory, or we don’t have an office in your state or territory that offers the employment program you require, please search for alternative employment services providers by your postcode at:

Please note: Your circumstances determine your eligibility for government-funded employment services. Job seeker categories with restricted or no eligibility include: if you are not currently an Australian permanent resident/citizen, or you are currently studying full-time.

You can check your eligibility for employment services with your local Centrelink office.

Thank you.
WISE Employment


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