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WISE Employment is a not-for profit employment agency that finds reliable job seekers and connects them to dedicated employers all over Australia. If you’re looking for motivated staff who care about your business, you’re in the right place.

Under the Government’s Disability Employment Services (DES) recruitment and employment initiative we’ve been placing thousands of people with disability into jobs since 1992. In return, employers have found that our candidates have had surprisingly positive effects on their workplaces, and studies show that there are many benefits to employing people who have a disability, including high retention rates, and a strong commitment to work and improved company culture.

Join the likes of companies like Winc, ANZ, and Spotless – who’ve each hired multiple people with disability ranging from physical disabilities to depression, anxiety, and other invisible illnesses.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you probably have a lot of questions or have heard a lot of common myths about hiring someone with disability so we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and myths to give you a better understanding of how we operate, and what to expect.

  • Will hiring someone with disability will require a lot of work?
  • Is this going to cost me a lot of money?
  • I’m worried about how my staff will react
  • Do I have to buy specialised equipment?
  • How do I support someone with disability?
  • Why is your service free?
  • What if something bad happens?
  • What other workplaces have hired someone with disability?
  • I’ve had a bad experience hiring someone with disability before.
  • How will WISE help my company?
  • What happens when I become a registered employer?

“Managing the day-to-day business, we can all be quick to put people issues – like mental illness and disability – in the ‘too hard’ basket. But there are so many good people out there who happen to have a disability, with so much to offer their employers – people you might never consider employing.”

– Corey, McDonalds manager

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If you can’t tell we’re passionate about our work; we want to see employers succeed and job seekers thrive. You deserve employees who not only show up to work but are dedicated to your business.

Give someone with disability the chance they’ve been waiting for. They’re eager to participate in the workforce and deliver you great results.


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