Employability Skills Training (EST)

Become job ready through pre-employment training with Employability Skills Training (EST). With tailored packages suited to your local job market, you’ll receive skills relevant to your unique employment journey.

As part of Workforce Australia, you’ll receive support to secure suitable work and industry placements, helping you on your path to meaningful employment.

As the world of work evolves, job searches and recruitment processes are too. From finding the right place to look for jobs, to online applications, having the most appropriate resume, right through to the interview process; it can feel very challenging at times. That’s where the Employability Skills Training program can help you

Course information

Depending on what you need, there are two types of EST courses available, generalised and specialised, focusing on building specific skills sets within your chosen field of employment. Each course will build on different skill sets and help improve your opportunities in getting a job. You can do one or both of these courses.

The first course (Block 1) will focus on workplace skills and knowledge, developing IT awareness, problem solving and communication skills to meet the expectations of employers.

The second course (Block 2) will help you develop your resume and improve interview techniques, focusing on job preparation and job-hunting skills. This course will also give you the opportunity to participate in Industry Awareness Experiences. These experiences will provide you with an insight into the tasks and duties of different industries.

The courses are full time (25 hours per week for 3 weeks) or part-time (15-hours per week for 5 weeks), face-to-face.


You are eligible to join an Employability Skills Training (EST) course if you are over the age of 15 and are participating in one of the following:

  • Digital Services or Workforce Australia Services and either in receipt of income support payments that are subject to Mutual Obligation Requirements, or Disability Support Pension that has compulsory requirements.
  • Transition to Work (TtW) Disability Employment Services (DES) in the employment assistance phase.

If you are a Digital Services participant, you are able to self-refer online. If you are with a provider, you can ask them to refer you to our EST services.

Program availability

The EST program at WISE is delivered by partners in each region to provide tailored knowledge and insights. The program is available in North East Melbourne, North West Melbourne, South East Brisbane, Darwin and Hunter NSW.

Details of our partners, and links to their website to view local courses are below.

  • North East Melbourne – Paramount Training
  • North West Melbourne through – Community Plus, Richmond Football Club and Civil Training Australia
  • Brisbane South East  – Civil Training Australia  and Paramount Training
  • Darwin and Alice Springs-  Interskills
  • Hunter Region NSW – The Finer Line

Ongoing Support

You can enrol in the Employability Skills Training (EST) program as often as you like, until you feel confident in your skills in writing job applications and attending interviews.

Contact us to find out more about the program.







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