Disability Employment Services (DES)

We’ve proudly been helping people who have a disability, injuries and health conditions into employment since 1992. Today, WISE Employment is one of Australia’s leading Disability Employment Services (DES) providers.

We work with a range of small and large employers who see the value in long-term ongoing roles filled by, and created for, people who have a disability, and who understand and are open to the benefits of employing people with disability.

Disability Employment Services has two parts1:

  • Disability Management Service is for job seekers with disability, injury or health condition who need assistance to find a job and occasional support to keep a job.
  • Employment Support Service provides assistance to people with permanent disability and who need regular, ongoing support to keep a job.

Job Seekers and Disability Employment Services

Helping you find work: How do our Disability Employment Services work?


If you’re keen to work, why should an injury, illness or other disability stand in your way? By focusing on what you’re good at, we can help you find a job that suits your skills, qualifications and experience. This podcast (1:14 to 10:37) goes into more detail of how WISE Employment helps people who have a disability into work.

At WISE Employment we specialise in helping people with diverse backgrounds find meaningful work. Through our Disability Employment Services, we focus on what you’re good at and match your skills to the right job. We continue to support you as your confidence grows and you adjust to your new workplace.

We believe ongoing support is critical in turning your job into lasting and meaningful work.

Why pick WISE Employment Disability Employment Services?

What happens when you sign up with WISE Employment Disability Employment Services?


Here’s how we can make finding employment easier for you:

  • Help you identify your goals, strengths and skills
  • Assist you with your resume and letter writing
  • Coach you in interview techniques
  • Speak to employers on your behalf
  • Organise workplace training
  • Provide support after you start your job
  • Find an interpreter if required
  • Organise workplace modifications or special equipment

Please read more about our employment assistance to job seekers.

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Employers and Disability Employment Services

Finding the right person for the job

WISE Employment is one of Australia’s most successful specialist disability employment services providers. We help employers to find the right staff by understanding their needs and providing them with workers from diverse backgrounds, including people with a disability. We look at each job seeker’s skills, qualifications and experience and match them with your staffing needs.

We help you find the right staff by:

  • Understanding your staffing needs
  • Finding and interviewing suitable candidates
  • Assisting you with advertisements and job descriptions
  • Providing information on wage incentives
  • Helping with workplace modifications and special equipment if needed
  • Assisting with job re-design for existing staff who have a disability
  • Supporting you and your new employee after they start

Ongoing support for you and your new employees

To ensure a smooth transition for you and your new employees, we can provide onsite post-placement support and training in the first few weeks of placing new staff members. We offer ongoing support for as long as you and your workers need us. We’re on call especially if unforeseen events occur. Our passionate and skilled staff can visit your workplace to discuss your unique staffing needs.

Cost-free recruitment services

Our services are government-funded and we can help employers access additional financial support, such as wages subsidies for employing someone who has a disability. We can also provide your new workers with training specific to their jobs through government-funded initiatives. We can save you time and money with cost-free job training, post placement support and information about wage subsidies.

Benefits of employing people with disability

You might be surprised to know that just under one in five Australians have a disability.2 This might be a physical disability, intellectual disability, long-term illness or a mental illness. In fact, it’s likely you have someone with a disability working for you right now.

Research shows that there are many benefits to employing people with a disability, including:

  • People with a disability take fewer days off
  • People with disability have fewer OH&S problems
  • People with a disability stay with their employers longer than other staff

Just like any job seeker, many people with disability have valuable skills, qualifications and experience. The key is matching the right person to the right job. Please read more about our free recruitment services to employers.

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1Wording by the Department of Social Services
2Australian Bureau of Statistics, Disability, 2009


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