Why pick WISE Employment Disability Employment Services (DES)?

Have you heard about Disability Employment Services (DES) and wondered what it is? Are you a job seeker with disability or an employer who is interested in knowing more? Here’s a quick run-down on the basics of DES, and why job seekers should pick WISE Employment as their DES provider. Find out if you are eligible for Disability Employment Services (DES) or free-call our team on 1800 685 105.

Disability Employment Services help people with disability find work and keep a job. Through DES providers like WISE Employment, people with an injury, illness, mental illness or disability can receive assistance to achieve the employment outcomes they have in mind.

The support WISE can provide is split into two parts: Disability Management Service and Employment Support Service.

Disability Management Service (DMS) is for job seekers with a disability, injury or health condition who require assistance to find a job and occasional support to keep a job. Employment Support Service (ESS), on the other hand, provides assistance to people with a permanent disability who need regular, ongoing support to keep a job.

WISE Employment has far-ranging experience (since 1992!) supporting people with disability into meaningful employment, as well as providing assistance to employers to put practices in place that support the employee in the workplace.

WISE Employment looks to stand out from other providers by focusing on customer centricity – everything we do is focused on what you need and how we can help. All of our staff undertake training in disability awareness, including mental health, to better understand the challenges and barriers our clients face every day. Everybody who receives DES through WISE Employment has a program that is tailored to them individually, so no two plans are the same. Read more about what happens when you sign up to WISE Employment Disability Employment Services.

We offer assisted interviews, as well as on the job support on the first day, first week or as long as you need – sometimes up to 2 years or more. One of our employment consultants can also come with you to the initial employment services assessment conducted by Centrelink, to support and encourage you through the process.

We also discuss with our clients that on the off chance there is a day they simply can’t get to work for whatever reason – whether it might be due to anxiety, depression or chronic pain – they can simply pick up the phone and call us if it’s too difficult to call their employer, and we can make that phone call to the employer on their behalf.

If this sounds like something that would suit you or someone you know, please call 1800 685 105 or register your interest as a job seeker. If you are passing by a WISE office, feel free to pop in and have a chat with our friendly staff – we’d love to see you!


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