What’s your networking style? Take the quiz to find out!

We all know our communities are important and help shape our unique identities. But have you ever thought about what you value from your community? For example, would you rather celebrate your good news with the world or share it on a phone call with your best mates?

Everyone is unique and has the right way that works best for them. But what’s your style?

We’ve put together a short quiz for you to understand more about your networking personality.

Take the quiz to find out more!

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Personality types

There are four profile types:

  • People magnet: People are everything to you and give you all the energy you need
  • Network star: You’re selective about your group – but your network is strong.
  • Best friend: You’re one of the most loyal friends and dedicated employees imaginable.
  • Quiet Influencer: Quality instead of quantity! You love your independence and don’t need others to be happy.

Find out your style, today!

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Do you know your networking style? Take the quiz to find out!
















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