How WISE helps you find work during lockdown

Although the worldwide pandemic has changed the employment landscape, WISE is happy to report that we are still here to help you find work during lockdowns and changing COVID-19 restrictions.

We talk to WISE Employment Industry Employment Partner, Jake Bunyan, about how WISE is helping our customers find long-term employment while in lockdown and which industries are currently hiring.

Placing our customers

WISE is proud to partner and work with employers from a range of industries, many of which are still hiring new team members, even in lockdown. Some of these essential industries include:

  • Pick-Packing
  • Deliveries
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Hospitality (kitchen hands, chefs)
  • Cleaners
  • Admin
  • Roles which can be home based

Jake explains, “WISE staff know how to pivot and find the opportunities that are out there, meaning that we are still placing customers in long term employment.”

How WISE helps you become job-ready

Even if your industry is not hiring, Jake believes now is still the perfect opportunity to become job-ready.

“WISE is still supporting our customers during COVID-19 lockdowns. This can mean placing customers in long-term employment, becoming job-ready, or just being a friendly face on a zoom call to chat through what’s going on and what’s happening in your world right now.”

“We really don’t stop during lockdown. Our team puts in a lot of effort to help our customers have the best opportunities.”

“We’re providing customers with tools at the moment to get job-ready. This means once your desired opportunity arises, you’ll have all the tools you need to hit the ground running.”

WISE are still meeting regularly with customers, finding training opportunities, assisting with personal development, working on resumes and practicing interview skills.

Here’s just some of the ways the WISE team are committed to helping you during lockdown

WISE Wellbeing

WISE Wellbeing uses neuroscience to help you prepare for your next job. When you start your WISE Wellbeing plan, you will answer questions on exercise, nutrition, sleep patterns and general wellbeing. By doing this, you will gain insights into your choices, behaviours, motivations, interactions and preferences.

A certified WISE Wellbeing Coach will work with you one-on-one to design a tailored support program. This plan will help you work on your strengths, enhance your core capabilities as well as improving your overall wellbeing, performance and job readiness.

WISE Wellbeing is free and optional for all WISE customers.

Esher House training

To build on your WISE Wellbeing experience, we use Esher House courses and programs to help our customers build resilience, confidence, mindfulness and wellbeing.

Ask your local WISE office about our Esher House training and how it might help you.

Courses and up-skilling

Along with the courses for personal development, WISE may be able to help you gain extra qualifications or up-skill in certain areas to ensure you have all you need to start employment when the right job arises.

The majority of training is online which allows the course to be completed while in lockdown from the safety of your own home.

If you are an existing WISE customer, talk to your Employment Consultant about possible training opportunities in your desired industry.

Resume and cover letters

Once we know which industries you’re targeting, your dedicated Employment Consultant will help you write a resume and cover letter that makes you stand out from the crowd. The team draw on their extensive resume writing experience and will help you tailor the content to every role you are applying for, giving you the best chance at securing your perfect job.

Becoming interview ready

While you are perfecting your resume, the team will ensure you are interview ready so you feel prepared and confident about talking to future employers.

Our interview preparation includes:

  • Practice interviews to build confidence and prepare you for answering questions
  • Providing vouchers for interview clothing so you can feel your best
  • Navigating transport to and from the interview location, or ensuring you have the right equipment for an online interview
  • Arranging an interpreter if needed
  • Plus much more!

“See this time as an opportunity to help get yourself ready. By engaging with WISE and preparing for employment now, you’re really setting yourself up for success,” says Jake.

Get started with WISE

“There is no better time like the present,” says Jake. “Your WISE team is here to help you understand any available roles and help you find long term employment.”

“We love seeing our customers succeed. Let us be the people to help you. It’s what we’re passionate about and it’s what we love to do.”

During lockdowns or COVID-19 restrictions, we are available during business hours on email, phone and video chat.

To learn more about how WISE can help find you employment, reach out to your local WISE office via phone or email.

If you’re interested in a particular employment program WISE offers, click here.


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