WISE Employment launches WISE Women

WISE Employment is proud to launch our latest program, WISE Women, an employment program for women, run by women.

The program was born from the significant impact COVID-19 has had on women in the community and workplace, sparking what is known as the ‘pink-collar recession‘.

At the heart of WISE Women, are four values:

  1. Providing women with economic security
  2. Reskilling and upskilling women to help with career changes
  3. Support women by linking them to established community groups, support and networks
  4. Connect women with dedicated Case Managers ensuring the program is led by women for women

WISE Employment Operations Manager, Doreen Micallef, aims to ensure customers receive intensive individual support, tailored to their individual needs and goals.

“Our focus is centred around creating a safe and trusting network of consultants who delve into each individual’s needs. The WISE Women employment program creates solutions that address barriers to employment and improve personal circumstances, which may have been accentuated due to the pandemic and current economic climate,” says Doreen.

The program lead sits down with every woman and gets to know them and their story. Together, we map out a pathway that may include training and tools to build resilience and confidence to succeed in the workplace.

Doreen believes the safe environment WISE Women provides, allows customers to open up about their fears and challenges, without being intimidated.

“Women understand women. We are complex creatures, and it’s nice to have another female on the other end who can relate.”

The individual support of WISE Women ensures no one in the program can slip through the cracks.

“This program is innovative and focused on providing holistic servicing for vulnerable women who otherwise would not reach out when in need. We put women in reach of services to help them make life-changing choices,” says Doreen.

WISE Employment connects with existing employer partners to promote the benefits of diversity in their workplace.

In addition to working with employers, the program works with over 60 local community organisations to connect women with essential information and support within their local area. Organisations can range from providing food, housing, financial advisors, legal aid, domestic violence support, counsellors and more.

Since the program launch in mid-December, two women have started employment and more have enrolled in education.

Doreen and the WISE Women team say it is a privilege to provide the support that ultimately impacts our customers’ lives.

“We are humbled to be able to provide services to women under this special initiative and be a part of some life-changing journeys along the way”.

WISE Women aligns with the Australian Government’s recent initiative to increase women’s participation in the workforce, Towards 2025. The strategy highlights women as an “economic priority” as “increasing women’s workforce participation leads to better living standards for individuals and families, improves the bottom line of businesses and is a significant driver of national economic growth”. – Source: Australian Government.

WISE Women is currently running out of eight WISE Employment jobactive offices in Melbourne’s South East. The goal is to expand the program nationally.

Find out how WISE Women employment program helps more women into lasting work.


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