The WISE Art Project: Behind the Art Series

In March 2020, WISE Employment launched an open call with the desire to showcase the inherent artistic talents of the WISE Employment employees, clients, wider community, and their loved ones. This project is called The WISE Art Project.

After receiving 71 submissions, 56 artists were commissioned to bring their masterpieces to life, demonstrating ‘what employment means to them’.

The pieces will be displayed in the newly renovated WISE Employment head office in North Melbourne, along with in several other offices around the country.

All commissioned artists are in the running to win the WISE Art Project’s grand prize, which includes an award to the value of $2,000. The winners will be selected by a committee of stakeholders and external industry specialists. The result and a launch exhibition will be announced later in the year.


Behind the Art Series

Every piece of art has a story – and so does the artist behind it. To understand the inspiration and stories behind the pieces in the WISE Art Project, we met with five of the talented artists who talk to us about the meaning of art and what employment means to them.

Watch the video below.

Artist profile: Sam Brooks

Art has positively impacted Sam’s life in several ways. Through art, Sam has gained the confidence to show the world what he can achieve and a way to connect with others through shared experiences.

Sam was born four months prematurely which lead to challenges later in his life. The doctor who saved his life said those born early often have artistically wired brains. Sam is no exception.

The piece Sam has created for the WISE Art Project demonstrates how people living with a disability can overcome the challenges they face.

Sam believes art can be used as a tool to help those with mental health issues cope. He hopes his art will improve the lives of those who are suffering.

“Ideally I’d like my art to have a lasting impact in the world, where art can be used as a tool to improve the lives of people who are suffering,” says Sam.

Check out the video for more.

Artist profile: Ann Blythe

Breast cancer survivor, Ann, believes art is all about being connected to other people. She loves to work with dot art, especially on furniture. For Ann, the most important part of her artwork is the story it tells.

“I like it to tell a story otherwise I’m not connected to it”, says Ann.

Ann was introduced to WISE through her sister, who encouraged her to apply for the WISE Art Project. When submitting her application demonstrating what art means to her, it was all about connection.

“Work means being connected to other people”, says Ann. “We’re growing together. We go through the seasons. We support each other.”

See Ann’s story below.

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