The WISE Selfie personality test

Our personalities are like fingerprints; no two are the same. They influence our thoughts, feelings, motivation, the choices we make, our likes and dislikes, strengths and how we interact with each other. It’s no surprise we should be searching for employment that complements our personality. That’s where our personality test comes in – the WISE Selfie.

What is WISE Selfie personality test?

The WISE Selfie is a fun, three-minute personality test designed to give you some insight into your strengths and emotions. We know everyone has unique personalities and lived experiences, so our customers usually complete the Selfie when joining our services. The results allow us to personalise their WISE Employment experience, ensuring everyone is supported into long-lasting, meaningful employment which aligns with their personality.

The WISE Selfie is designed by BESTFIT using Nobel-Prize Winning research in the fields of behavioural studies and neuroscience. Created to look after the wellbeing of employees, the test assesses communication styles, work preferences and stress levels of workers so employers can adjust their situations accordingly.

We believe everyone can benefit from knowing more about themselves so this test has become a key part our services.

What will the test tell me?

They Selfie uncovers personality traits that relate to how you work. Using these traits, we can work with you to find roles in workplaces that are best suited to you.

For example, if your personality test result reveals you’re a people person, your employment consultant will ensure your future role involves interacting with people. Additionally, if the answers show you are a person who thrives in familiar situations, we would work with organisations who will provide you with a stable routine in your employment.

It’s important to answer the questions honestly, to ensure your results reflect your true personality.

WISE Selfie personality groups

There are five work-related personality traits the WISE Selfie focuses on, which analyse happiness levels in the workplace. These include:

  • Resistance to stress: How you react when faced with multiple tasks in fast-paced environments.
  • Curiosity: The willingness to find new opportunities and learn within your work environment.
  • Sociability: How much you desire to work with people and be in a large team.
  • Sophistication: Your preference for the type of work you would like to pursue, whether it’s analytical or manual.
  • Openness to change: How you feel about taking risks, switching up your routine and trying new things.

So, what’s your thinking style? Do you love meeting new people? Is winning everything to you? Find out when you join WISE!

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