How WISE can help you meet your mutual obligations

Tuesday August 4, 2020, marks the gradual return of mutual obligations requirements for people on Disability Employment Services (DES), jobactive and on JobSeeker in all states except Victoria. The impacts of COVID-19 means many people in Australia may be navigating Centrelink for the first time. We’ve detailed what you need to know about mutual obligations and how WISE is here to assist you.

What are mutual obligations?

Mutual obligations are requirements you need to meet during your journey of finding employment. Starting on August 4, mutual obligations require job seekers to create a Job Plan. This Job Plan outlines the number of job applications (currently four per month), activities and appointments you will need to complete to ensure continued Government support.

Job service providers (like WISE Employment) are here to assist you with creating a suitable job plan that is relevant to your experience, skills and career interests. Ultimately, we are here to ensure you gain employment that is right for you.

How WISE can help you

We’ve been helping people into employment for over 25 years! Ensuring our customers find long-lasting, meaningful work is what we do. To get started with WISE, you will need to register as a job seeker with us or get Centrelink to refer you to your local WISE office (see below for more).

After registering, one of our friendly Employment Consultants will reach out. Your consultant will take the time to understand your previous job experience, your skills and start a conversation about the areas of employment you would like to peruse.

Once you agree on your Job Plan, WISE can help you by:

  • Assisting you with understanding and meeting your mutual obligations
  • Helping you to build the knowledge and skills you require for your future career
  • Working with you to update your resume and cover letter
  • Assisting you in finding relevant jobs with inclusive employers
  • Providing interview coaching and supplies if needed
  • Promoting your skills to employers
  • Organising relevant work experience
  • Providing additional training
  • Counselling
  • Plus, any other extra help you may need

After securing employment, WISE will ensure you have everything you need to succeed in your new role. Plus, we will provide you and your employer with post-placement support for as long as is necessary.

We know customers require unique servicing to match their individual goals. This is why we tailor our services and support to suit you and your circumstances.

Getting Started with WISE

There are a couple of ways to sign-up to WISE, depending on your circumstances.

If you have a disability, injury, mental illness or health condition, please register for our Disability Employment Services (DES) here.

For more information on DES services, click here.

If you’re on JobSeeker payments and accessing the jobactive program, please get in touch with Centrelink who will refer you to your nearest WISE office. Our friendly team are also ready to assist you with this process if needed. You can find the contact details of your local WISE office here.

You can find out more about jobactive services here.


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